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Digital Marketing

How Can Digital Marketing Make Your Business Thrive Online?

After the pandemic hit the world, more than half of the business owners shifted from offline to online.

“Digital marketing” or “Online marketing” is the process where the products and services are promoted with the help of internet through electronic devices such as computer, laptop, mobile phone, etc. to reach customers. It takes the help of various digital¬†platforms such as search engines, websites, applications, various entertainment media, social media, etc.

Digital marketing strategies to help in growing business

  • Search engine optimization: –

It is the technique of bringing more traffic on the website by showing the webpage higher on search engines. Nearly 64% of marketers spend a lot of time on SEO. It is cost effective as it is totally free. It helps attract more customers by promoting company or brand.

  • Email marketing: –

It is an effective form of marketing where different types of brand/product informative emails are sent to the customers. Normally 34% of marketers send nearly 3-5 emails per week. It increases customer engagement as it informs customers about new deal and products and services etc. It is simple yet one of the most popular marketing techniques.

Digital Marketing

  • Content creation: –

The creation of content such as videos, blogs, posts, etc. to deliver product or webpage related information to customers. It helps in sharing more information as compared to others. From all the content creators, nearly 60% make one content per day. It improves customer engagement.

  • Mobile marketing: –

Mobile marketing is a diverse way of marketing where various information is shared on different mobile phones, tablets, smartphones through SMS, Emails, social media platforms, etc. Mobile marketing is easier through mobile applications as it provides easy access to information, easy transactions, brand awareness as well as better communication. All these mobile applications are made in such a way that they become user friendly. Once a customer gets satisfied with his/her purchase, he/she returns. It is more helpful as nearly 60-80% customers use smartphones.

  • Web analytics: –

It is a system created to collect, classify, analyse data and report figures. It helps in optimising and tracking marketing progress. Through web analytics, a lot of information can be collected and analysed which helps in decision making also. It is very useful to target specific audience and know in which type of products they are interested and what are their buying habits.

There are various digital marketing strategies having their own advantages. Above stated were the inevitable business strategies which one should include while doing business online. One can choose according to his/her business needs the mixture of strategies which is most beneficial for him/her and his/her business.