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Eat, Work, Sleep-Doing It The Right Way

Mind your tongue! Watch your steps! Calculate your calories! Speak the calmest! Think the fastest! So basically, we are going to do the “IKIGAI” thing.

Whenever we hear healthy, the instant thought that strikes our mind is what is there in our plate. But is being healthy just about the food we eat or the liters of water we drink? Not at all! But yes, the fact that we think is what we eat can’t be denied as well. So, let’s start the talk about health in our very own way that is the food.

What’s in your plate?

We always hear and read about a balanced diet, but do we really inculcate each component of your ‘balanced diet chart’ in our lifestyle. Somedays yes, somedays no. but this is not the way it works. We have to be regular if we really want to see the effective changes it makes in our body and mind. So, have that beautiful variation in your plate and keep that gut happy and yourselves healthy.

Walk-over your worries!

Are you watching your steps every day? Need not to say how important it is to sweat it out. If not an extreme gym-freak, at least we can have a simple walk. Now, what’s the purpose? Looking historically, an animal body (yes, we are social animals!) is meant to workout, our ancestors followed their prey by running faster than that deer, wasn’t it amazing? But what are we doing for those muscles that were meant to run and prey? So, its quite clear that exercising and working out are the natural needs of our body. (and not laying on that sofa with that bad posture!)

Sshhh that brain!!

A human brain requires tons of books to understand it (don’t worry you don’t need to read a single book about it). What we need to do with that complicate machinery is calm it down! But we fail to do it. One simple reason being the incomplete understanding of meditation and yoga. But what we need to understand is that we don’t really need to practice it for hours and days. Just a 15-minute concentration on your breathing with a relaxed mind is what your brain asks for. It’s easier said than done because we are always busy into this digital world and occupied with one thing or other. But if you really want to give something to yourself, give it the time to calm down and refreshed (not with the F5 key!)

If you really want to invest in something that will be 100% profit giving, invest on yourself (risk on this thing will never be an uncertainty!). Just give it a try, it really works!