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Electronic Lock: Why Choose This Security Door System?

An electronic lock has been attracting many residential and commercial properties nowadays. The excellent security system of this locking device is advanced, making it an ideal option to double the security at the same time conveniently. The electronic lock system is much preferable to the traditional lock and keys due to its convenience. No need to worry about where the keys are placed or forget keys problems.

The key is the special numbers memorized in your mind. By the time you open a locked door, simply key in the password you set up on the electronic lock singapore – as easy as that!

What exactly is an electronic lock?

An electric lock or electronic lock is a locking device, an electric-operated system. It is a standalone locking device with an electric control assembly mounted to the lock. Electronic locks can be connected to a kind of access control system with advantages that include:

  • Key control. It is where keys are added and removed without the need to rekey the lock cylinder.
  • Fine access control. It is where time and place are considered as factors.
  • Transaction logging. It is where activity is recorded.

Electronic locks are remotely controlled and monitored; both to unlock and lock.

Electronic lock operation

Electronic locks are using several components to actuate the lock by removing or supplying power, such as:

  • magnets
  • solenoid
  • motors

Operating the lock is as simple as using the switch. For example, an apartment intercom door release, which is an access control system. There are two main types of locks:

  • preventing mechanism
  • operation mechanism

The function of an electronic lock


An electronic lock uses an electric current, operating a mechanism to release or hold shut a securing system. You may see these devices around buildings as part of the access control systems. The electric locks split into two basic groups:

  1. Physical securing is achieved using a magnetic holding force
  2. Electric current is used for physically moving a latch or bolt.

Do electronic locks automatically lock?

Automatic door locks are the ultimate modern convenience for busy schedules. Leave the keys and the worries are safe. You can get extra peace of mind with these electronic locks like unlock and auto-lock.

There is this Bluetooth-enabled Smart Door Lock that identifies when you are near the door and unlocks automatically once you are near. The electronic lock Singapore is smart enough to know when the door is closed and automatically lock using the door sensor technology or to set a timer and have the door lock several minutes after leaving the home.