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Digital Marketing

Everything You Need To Know About Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is nothing but branding or promoting goods and services over the internet using electronic media channels. With the invention of the Internet and search engines, social media is completely over it. It includes media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Reddit, etc. It also includes emails and text messages. So, in simpler words, any form of marketing that involves campaigns digitally will be categorized under digital marketing.

What Are The Types Of Digital Marketing?

As strong as internet marketing has its roots today its branches have spread even longer. Here are some of the common methods of internet marketing used today

Search Indian Optimization

SEO is the science of making search engines love web pages. Without SEO on a website, it would be not possible to find it online. It is done by carefully placing keywords across the web content so the website tops the priority of the search engine.

Social Media Marketing

As the name suggests it takes place on various platforms of social media like Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, etc. Social media marketing mainly stands for bringing traffic or audience online to concentrate their attention on a specific brand. When it comes to social media marketing Instagram and YouTube have taken over the industry as most audiences especially Gen-Z are crazy about these two social media channels. Gaining followers, likes, comments, and shares is all part of social media marketing as these bring audience and traffic.

Digital Marketing Pay Per Click Marketing

PPC is yet another form of driving audience and earning through it. It comes into place when someone posts an ad online and the audience clicks on it. Hence, the more clicks the more is website recognized by the search engine. The number of factors that contribute to pay-per-click marketing is the quality of Ads, keyword relevance, and landing page quality.

Affiliate Marketing

This kind of marketing is opposite from others as in SEO, PPC, or SMM the user is most likely to promote its brand for the product. However, in affiliate marketing the commission is earned by promoting other person’s business. If you are an affiliate, you must have a great audience that believes you and your recommendations. Hence, the more you promote the more audience is driven to the brand which ultimately provides you a commission on every sale you make

Email Marketing

Email marketing includes sending promotional messages or an ad copy through emails. As 99% of the population uses email as the most effective form of communication formally and/or informally, it is easier to reach people through emails.