Dieting vs. Healthy Weight Loss

The pressure to look good and obesity are such rampant problems that diets seem to be the only way to lose weight.  So many fad diets have come and gone over the years.  They promise quick solutions only for dieters to put all the weight back on.  The downside is that fad diets are hard to follow for the long haul.  The other problem is that essential vitamins and minerals are often missing with fad diets and can lead to health problems like osteoporosis and anaemia.

Spotting a fad diet:

A few simple questions will help you figure out a fad diet. Check the dorra slimming review here.

  • Are some foods banned by this diet?
  • Does it require me to buy specific foods from special stores?
  • Does it promise that I will lose a lot of weight in a really short time?
  • Are foods labelled good and bad?
  • Is exercise prescribed or not?
  • Is this a temporary solution?

If one or more questions are answered with a “yes” then it is possibly a fad diet.  Advertisers promote such diets convincingly and it may be okay to do it for a short while.  It is not really a good idea to leave out large food groups; it is also not a healthy way to lose weight.

Eat as Often as you can and in lesser quantity

A natural way to lose weight along with your weight loss program is eating frequently. Don’t let yourself get too hungry; you might tend to overeat when you get too hungry. Don’t skip meals if you’re trying to lose weight. The body gets into the starvation mode and hence starts conserving calories. Eat small meals after every few hours during day.

Eating on time:  Another important change that people have to incorporate is eating regularly and more often. Instead of 1 or 3 big meals a day, eating 5 or 6 times a day actually keeps the body’s metabolism humming.  Weight loss becomes much easier as the body is not starving and holding on to calories.

Taking up various diets and weight loss pills to lose weight and eliminate food cravings is not permanent and can lead to obesity. The only way to lose weight safely is losing it naturally. This will help you eliminate food cravings without really taking pills or other weight loss products.Don’t be hard on yourself if you fall off the plan. Just get back to the program and continue as usual.